I was at a meeting yesterday where the video camera was used for the client to be able to watch us while we discussed the Flash programming tool to be used on the web. This was my first time doing an on-camera meeting, though I know we have been doing it for months now. We use a software program that allows us to set up a meeting and a client can join us. With a meeting initiated, the client’s computer screen will show everything that we are doing on our screen. It makes reviewing website design, character animations, online advertising, computer software, and more over long distances a breeze, and eliminates confusion.

It’s a weird feeling being on-camera and I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to look since I would generally look at a person when I talk to them. Since it wasn’t an option, I wondered if I was supposed to look into the camera when talking, but that seemed weird. I ended up switching from my notes, to the computer screen, to the other people talking in the meeting. I don’t know if that was the preferred method or not, but I do know that it is still a very useful tool for client review in our industry, and helps the process of completing our projects go quciker.