One Stop Shop

I recently got to update our DDA Sketchbook with a slew of new logo designs and concept art made right here by our own graphic designers. I was amazed at the variety of initial logo design possibilities to choose from at the first stage. Once a preferred logo was chosen, more designs were made, revising that desired logo in the way of minor color and font changes until finally the client chooses the logo that is perfect for them. If you just need a logo, then you’d be all set, but many people are coming here for expertly made websites and in the website world the logo is only a tiny fraction of the work that needs to be done. It would be one of the first steps in the initial process since the look of the logo will help define the look of the entire website. The graphic designers will need to flesh out the look for all the pages, while others may build out and program the site to function properly. Depending on your needs you may also need an animator or a videographer or a copywriter.

There are so many overlooked intricacies when making a website that many people don’t realize and many companies do not provide all of these services for you. Sadly, you may not realize this until you have already signed a contract. You may have gone to a website design company and they could show you a still image of what your website will look like. That may seem fine and dandy, but what will happen when you actually want it to do the fancy stuff that programming can provide today? Do they have a Javascript programmer on staff? If you want or need any contact or information request forms, then you had better hope they have a PHP or Coldfusion programmer on staff. If you want some sort of eye-catching animation to accentuate some details or a section of your site, then you better cross your fingers hoping that they have a flash animator on hand. If you want some video, then videographer and studio better be part of that company.

Those are just some of the details that you will need to be finding out about the companies you are considering for your website. If you don’t you’ll end up working with four different companies to get all the services you need. It’s hard enough for one company to successfully integrate all the different pieces together into one website, let alone four companies that aren’t in constant communication with each other. They’ll need to share files and revise things to work properly together and it may not all look consistent. In the end it will have cost you more and given you a headache.

The best thing to do would have been to go to DDA in the first place for your website needs. This one stop shop has the entire gamut of services that you could imagine and they are all done in house. Copywriting, videography, all types of programming, 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, web design, search engine marketing, and everything in between. Save yourself some time, money, and hassle by going to the place that can do it all.