One Week Down

One week of January down, several to go. The worst month of the year is underway and I can’t wait for it to be over. Let’s head straight on to more holidays, more warm weather, and more sunlight. I enjoy being able hang out outside when I get home and I still have a while until I can enjoy that again. January is apparently the month with the least amount of weddings in it too. I actually got that question correct in a game of trivial pursuit not too long ago last year. I attribute my correctness partly to my mom working in the wedding business and partly to educated guessing. January is a really cold month so people don’t like to get married when it’s cold. I know my mom always talked about Fall being the busy season, so those months were out. December had Christmas and February had Valentine’s Day so they were out because many people like to get married on holidays for whatever reason. That’s basically the course of thinking I went through to end up on January. We always play guys versus girls in Trivial Pursuit and while we did end up losing that game, the guys are the current reigning champions. It’s an ongoing heated rivalry.

Fall is the busy season at DDA as well, but I’m not sure which month would be considered the slowest month of the year. I would think that many businesses would use January to ramp up or formulate a new advertising strategy for the new year at hand. You could get a new custom website design, a new logo design and branding, or even a fresh web video to showcase your services. I would think that it’s better to kick off your new strategies now than to wait until it’s too late to really make an impact. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you. It might be your chance to start your business off strongly on a new foot and really get your name and purpose out there for the general public to hear.