Onward to Christmas

The last holiday before Christmas is done and out of the way. Now it’s time for the big boys to come out and play. Hooray for the wonderful one-two punch of Christmas and New Years! The best part of the holiday season is on the way and I anxiously await all the good traditions that go with it. Cookies, presents, trees, more dinners, drinks, family, merriment, and possibly snow are all on the near horizon. Without anymore holidays in the path, there is only anxious waiting for the holiday to get here. True as the song says, the waiting is the hardest part. The next four weeks will probably drag on and feel longer than ever. I remember this feeling ever since I was a child. Christmas couldn’t come quick enough, and it still can’t. While the warm Spring and Summer weather is certainly the best, the holiday season makes Winter quite a bit more tolerable. Once we hit January though…ugh. I don’t want to think about it. At that point I just want Spring to happen again to warm up. And so the cycle goes year after year, we enjoy and we wait and we enjoy and we wait.

Everywhere has some sort of cycle and it’s no different at DDA. I hear that the busy season is Fall when people are done with vacations and gearing up their products for the holiday season. So the post holiday season would be a little bit of a lull here too. I guess there is not much upside for anybody in January. If only we could skip straight to April when things are starting to thaw out again, then we wouldn’t have any giant lulls. That or we could add another major awesome holiday near the end of January. In the mean time we will just carry on here and finish off our busy season projects in time for the Christmas rush. Custom web design, flash animation, custom programming, copywriting, and more will be worked on until perfected so that we and the clients will be happy with the final product. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you. Let’s get our workload filled for January.