Open for All

I browsed through the giant list of Firefox add-ons yesterday and found many cool applications that are available to enhance a user’s browsing experience or just add a helpful feature.  These add-on applications are all made by outside developers.  Allowing outside developers to make their own applications to go with your website or software is a growing phenomenon that can give everything a richer experience.

Allowing outside developers to create complimentary applications provides a few things.  One is that they can very quickly have all sorts of extra applications that it would have taken the original development team many, many years to create.  Another is that the variety and range of applications may be things that the original development team may not have thought of.  The sheer number and range of applications can now benefit more and more niche audiences.  Applications specific to fans of certain sports teams or bands and applications that can help people with certain occupations or needs will probably all be found or are at least possible with a world of developers able to create.

Numerous industry giants other than Firefox have done this and I’m sure you’ve heard of them.  The Apple iPhone is probably the most known.  You know all those iPhone apps that they always brag about on their commercials with their little slogan of “There’s an app for that.”  Well the vast majority of those apps are made by outside developers.  The iPhone commercials would probably still just be bragging about the ability to call a place after you look it up on a map if all those apps weren’t available.

Another very popular place that opened itself up is Facebook.  You know those annoying zombie things that you sometimes get bitten by?  If you are on Facebook you probably do.  Well that’s one of the Facebook apps made by an outside developer.  Luckily they aren’t all that annoying, although there are plenty of imitators.  There are some cool ones that let you draw or post pictures on people’s walls.  My personal favorite is probably a movie one which might be called Flixster.  It lets you choose your favorite movies to display on your profile, rate and review any movies you want, and take user made movie quizzes.

Opening up to outside developers is a becoming a popular growing trend for everything tech related and it is beneficial for everyone.  It may be seen as essential soon if you want to compete because it’s hard for your product to look good when some other product has the power of a world of developers at their disposal.

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