Overlord Facebook

Some new facebook changes have taken effect again. This time they have revised the whole layout of the profile. It seems to be more picture laden now and they tried to present people’s information in a more paragraph-like format. Friends are listed vertically on the side and broken up by category. Almost everything a person lists as an activity or interest these days is shown by a corresponding image as well. Everything is very visual. The thing I find weird about how facebook implements these changes is that they first do a roll out where they give users the option of accepting the changes and using the new format and then maybe a month later they force you to accept the changes. I don’t get the point of this. Why give users the choice when you are going to force it on them shortly after anyway. It’s almost like they are saying that it’s up to you and then deciding that they want to show that they have all the power and they are going to use it by forcing the choice on us. In the future, I would rather have facebook just force the change on me from the start. Don’t give me this false sense of control and make me spend time mulling over the new formats to finally make a decision, then take that control away from me. It’s a mind game and a tease. I get it. Facebook is the ruler of the free Internet world and it controls everything. Okay? Now can we move on with future changes in a more straightforward fashion?

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