Package Progress

Technology is cool. I like being able to buy something online then use the Internet to track its progress on the way to my house. The whole system is working together in unison. Scanners, bar codes, databases, workers, and more are all always working in unison to keep people up to date on where their packages might be in the country. This may not be the case with letters, but those are also much cheaper to send. Since I’m not an insider, I can only wonder exactly what technology they currently use to get this all done and keep track of everything. I also wonder how many packages, if any, get lost along the way in a normal year. The volume of packages and mail has to be astounding and each one could be going anywhere. As the years have gone on I am sure that their methods and technologies have all improved and if there were any lost package incidents, I am sure that they have decreased over the years.

As with package tracking technology, Internet technology has advanced as well. Software keeps getting more sophisticated, hardware is more powerful and can store more, and equipment can do more. Even brand new technologies keep getting created. We see advances in many areas every year since we deal with so many media aspects. We do 3D animation, video production, advanced programming, graphic design, and more.