Packed Powder

The big snowstorm over the weekend was pretty awesome, but I still feel like I got ripped off because I know that other areas got dumped on much harder than we did. I heard that the country’s capitol, Washington D.C. , got upwards of three feet of snow. That’s triple what I had in my backyard. Two feet minimum is my ideal blizzard depth. With those totals you will really be able to do some great snow work. Two feet or more is easily enough to build a great snow fortress from the ground up. You could have a great igloo up in an hour without cleaning off your whole backyard. If you can roll a snowman, build a snow fort, have a snowball fight, run amok in general, and still not see any grass through the remaining snow, then you had a great storm on your hands. The giant mountains that a plow can build up with that amount of snow are fun too for so many more reasons.

This storm was pretty good but it seemed to only be good for snow angels at best. The snow at my house was just lame dusty snow. It wasn’t good packing snow. You can’t do much with that, now can you? So sadly, all the snow brought me was a bunch of shoveling and a mediocre snow angel. I heard it was better packing snow in other areas, so maybe others were able to take advantage of the snow. It appears I will have another chance at snow time fun since a second blizzard appears to be moving in a mere 4 days later. What are the odds?

DDA will close for the day during this predicted behemoth storm, but will reopen Friday instead to make up for it. So even through a midweek blizzard, no work time will be lost at DDA. Projects are well underway and our skilled graphic designers, programmers, animators, videographers, copywriters, and search engine optimization specialists have no time to waste. A snow day would be unacceptable and could cause us to fall behind. That’s why we are coming in Friday. Our clients’ deadlines are as important to us as they are to them, so we intend to meet them all. I guess the extra make-up day is yet another advantage of the 4-day work week.