Papervision Revisited

The last time I got to use Papervision 3D with Flash was for the DDA Power Pyramid. Learning Papervision and Actionscript 3 at the same time had proved to be a new exciting learning experience back then, and with a possible second application for Papervision 3D being explored I may get to do it again. This time it may be used to make three-dimensional ribbons that draw a picture as they go.

While we did find several examples that had 3D ribbon-like applications, nothing we found yet does exactly what we want. I will be able to use the code as a starting point though, unlike the Power Pyramid, which was completely from scratch.

I may not be sure which direction we may take exactly yet, but I do know that no matter what we end up doing it is going to be intuitive, cutting edge, and original because that is the DDA way.