Pay Online

I recently received a parking ticket complete with late fee in the mail for a ticket that I never actually saw on my windshield.  Luckily, I can pay for this ticket directly on the Philadelphia parking authority website so that I can verify that the payment is accepted and so that I can also have a receipt to prove payment.  All this for a nominal dollar fee is worth it so that the evil Philadelphia parking system can’t pull another evil trick on me to pad their pockets.  Last thing that I would want to hear is that my payment must have been lost in the mail so that they could add another late fee.

You too can have this functionality on your website with a little custom programming from DDA.  DDA’s programmers have made numerous eCommerce websites and administrator sections that allow companies to manage and sell their products with ease to any customer with a credit card.  All customers are familiar with this functionality so if you’re not taking advantage of this wave of technology you are going to be left behind.  So get your own little bit of online business by taking advantage of the programming services being offered by DDA today.