Pea Soup

Boy did the fog roll in this morning! It’s always weird driving into a wall of fog where your not sure what lies a mere 100 feet ahead. The expression of pea soup came to mind and certainly would have applied today. Luckily it was only bad in some spots. These spots were the more low lying areas where I guess the fog would slowly slink down to and settle into. Luckily I drive these roads very often so I roughly knew about where certain stoplights and stop signs could be expected. That doesn’t account for traffic though. The stoplights were even hard to see through the fog sometimes, so there was a lot of slow going from many travelers. Shortly I was through the worst section though and the fog remained only as a light mist in comparison. If anyone has seen “The Mist” by the way, it’s pretty enjoyable. Some stereotypical characters , but if you stick with it then it will pack a punch. Now the mist in that movie was pretty hardcore and I would have certainly classified it as a fog. There was only about 10-15 feet of visibility there, so that is a very extreme case.

So to borrow the postal service credo or some random interpretation of it, “Come rain, snow, sleet, hail, and fog, we will get your digital media projects completed.” Inside our building the fog can’t get through and neither can any mysterious mist creatures, so we work on not phased by the outside events. We flex our minds and fingers working on things like 3D animation, video editing, custom programming, custom web design, copywriting, and digital photography. Each has its own unique addition or feature. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.