Phillies and DDA Ice Cream

I figure there will be a bunch of blogs about the Phillies winning the World Series posted today, so I won’t talk about that. Instead I’ll talk about some other awesome things — ice cream and Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA)!

Yummmmm, ice cream is delicious and it comes in so many tantalizing flavors. Chocolate chip cookie dough, cherry chocolate chip, and chocolate peanut butter are a few of my favorites. Everyone likes the variety and it allows everyone to meet their tastes and be happy. Coooooool, DDA is top-of-the-line and provides many tantalizing services. Flash programming, 2D animation, and 3D modeling are some of my specialties that allow me to do my part in creating our unique interactive masterpieces.

Baskin Robbins stakes its claim by providing the most flavors of ice cream in one building. You can mix, match, and create your personal favorite taste with endless combinations. DDA stakes its claim by providing the most digital services in one building. You can mix, match, and create your ideal website design, corporate video, CD-ROM, or custom animation to your company’s own needs with an extensive list of services to choose from and a staff using their total expertise.

Luckily, DDA’s services and ice cream are available for everyone! In fact, you could enjoy both at the same time. Here’s how: Call DDA and arrange an appointment, then set up a project to meet you needs. Then, while the DDA staff works their magic, you can take a trip to any ice cream place or supermarket and pick up some ice cream. Then just eat and enjoy. Voila! It’s a wonderful combination!

A sarcastic PS: I would like to thank my friend for calling me at 2:30 a.m. to tell me that I need to change the text on the header of his sports blog to not say “championship deprived” and to do it fast. I really appreciated you waking me up right in the middle of my sleep cycle just so that I’m extra fresh for the next day’s work. It’s a good thing you let me know that I needed to change the text so quickly because obviously I was going to jump out of bed and change it right that second. If I didn’t, I’m sure your two adoring fans would have pointed out the blunder immediately and there would have been egg on all our faces. Thanks again.