Philly Parking

This past Saturday, we had decided to go to see some movies at the Ritz West. So slowly meandering through traffic, we made it, but were a couple minutes late and now just needed to find a place to park there. No problem. There is a spot right there. Oh it’s a press-only spot. So off we went on a loop around the surrounding blocks looking for parking but there was none to be found. Every open spot was either a mirage in the distance or ended up being a handicapped spot, loading zone, or temporary police parking spot. So I said fine, we will use the parking garage next to the theater. We went in and saw the price of parking, which would have cost more than seeing two movies for the time we were planning to stay there. I am not paying that. Out again we went and after a total of 40 minutes since our initial arrival, we found a spot in a zone with no meters. It was a bit of a hike, but we ended up getting there just in time for the next showing of the movie we wanted (The Changeling) and it was good. We then proceeded to our second movie and after that we made it back to the car. There was no paying for parking and no parking tickets and all was a success!

Moral of the story is, to not give in and settle on something you are not happy with. At DDA, nobody is settling on anything. If the customer is not happy, then we have not finished our job. With other companies who use standard templates, you have no choices to think over and there are no ways or options to really set your site apart from the crowd. DDA provides you with many choices and the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations. If you are getting a logo design, then you will be provided with pages of possible logos that our graphics designers drew up just for your company. We can then move on from there refining it further or changing colors. It is not done until you are happy with it. The same principle goes with all of our other work. From custom animation and corporate video to digital photography and creative copywriting, it all goes through our extensive approval process so that everyone is happy with the final product.