Phone Follies

My cell phone fell on the floor last night and now the inside screen doesn’t light up. Sigh, this is very annoying. It’s a flip phone and it was closed when it fell so I don’t know why the outside screen light still works and the inside one doesn’t. The whole flip part of it is supposed to keep the side screen protected, or so I hoped. It still works and everything, but it would be hopeless to try to use the phone at night to write a text or even to make a call. Even in a well lit room or outside during the day it’s hard enough to read. This phone has been my replacement that I had to buy ever since my new slider phone’s screen cracked about 4 months into my 2-year contract. I was not about to pay for another phone off their website because they cost so much, so I got one for $50 off of I’ve been going with it since and though it isn’t the best phone, it has still been getting the job done.

Luckily my phone contract is expiring in a month and a half and I’ll be able to get a new phone then. So hopefully this next month and a half I’ll be able to use this unlit phone without many problems or headaches. I’m actually planning to switch service providers when this contract is up too. I’m going to be hopping onto my family’s service provider and joining the family plan. I’m not on it now because I actually had my phone and was locked into a contract already when it was decided that they would get a family plan. Right now it’s just my mom and brothers on it and my dad has his work phone. That leaves one more spot on the plan and I’m going to swoop in and snag it.

I’ll actually now be paying my mom instead of a monthly bill and it will be significantly cheaper than what I pay now, so I’m pretty excited for it and have anxiously been awaiting the switch. I’ve yet to look into all the exact logistics of the whole switch so there are still some lingering questions. I need to figure out things like “Are there free nights and weekends on this plan?”, “Do I get to keep my current phone number if I switch?”, and “Will the plan be able to handle my monthly talking and texting as is or will it need to be adjusted and in turn raise the cost?” These are all important questions and as the date draws closer I will be investigating further and making some calls to find the answers.

Whether I do end up joining the family plan as I intend or not, I know that I will at least be getting a new phone when the time comes. I am going to definitely get another flip phone since my experience with an exposed screen was short lived due to it’s fragility. I loved the phone while it worked, but the ease of breaking and high cost of replacement was not worth the risk again. I often wondered when it happened whether it was designed to break easily or not so the company could make you buy a new phone and gouge more profit from it. The screen was strangely flexible to the touch. This thought bothered me and I wouldn’t put it past a company to do something like that. I found it to be a very Apple-esque move.

DDA doesn’t make phones, but we do make websites. We actually try to break them ourselves so that they don’t break for you. Our proofing process tries to ensure that any custom programming we do doesn’t end up being buggy. It isn’t pre-made pre-packaged code that you can just put in there with no worries. It is built and typed from scratch with the logic in our heads and every programmer knows that nothing works perfectly the first time. So we go through many times through the testing and fixing phases until we can’t find anything else wrong. Along with custom programming, we do everything else a website needs like custom web design, copywriting, digital photography and more. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.