Phone Home

I recently had to buy a new phone. I originally broke my new phone about 3 months after I got it. It was a slider phone and the screen cracked in my pocket somehow. So I switched my SIM card over to my girlfriend’s old phone and was using that. Now it seems that her phone is having issues so I am giving it back to her. So started the search for a new phone. I needed an AT&T phone first of all so that I can still use my SIM card and it will work with the service I am paying for. I also want a flip phone so no screen damage can mysteriously happen again in my pocket. I am still in my last 2-year agreement, so I can’t get all the awesome deals that come with the signing of a new contract. Therefore all new phones are absurdly expensive. The phone I broke, would now run me $300 even though I originally got it for free with a contract. That’s ridiculous. Refurbished phones were cheaper, but not by enough. So I took my search to the Internet.

I finally found a nice phone that worked with AT&T, was a flip phone, was brand new, had a low radiation level, and only cost me $50 on Amazon. Now that’s much better. I got the phone last night in record time. I popped my SIM card in the back and it worked like gangbusters. Frankly, all I use a phone for is text messaging and phone calls. So those were my only functional requirements when I was searching. This has a camera too, but I’ve had them before and rarely care to use them. I don’t need all that next gen iPhone jazz. It’s not worth the money to me. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t need the Internet constantly and find the other functions unnecessary.

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