Pixar is my Hero

Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is already a huge success and it’s Pixar’s biggest opening weekend ever. The movie was another amazing story from Pixar who can’t seem to fail, and this in my opinion is one of the few series where the third film of the trilogy is as good as, if not better than, the original movie. I’d put part two in last place, but it was still good. When Toy Story was released a long time ago I was a quite bit younger, but I still really wanted to see the third because the original was so good.

I, like many, grew up with the boy in the story so the messages within were always hitting home for me. I may have had a few years on him, but we are were always generally the same age. I could see that this was the case for many people based on the crowd in the audience when I went. Most people were in the 18-25 year old range with a couple kids and parents in there. The movie was both funny and heartwarming and as with anything Pixar makes I recommend it. The animated short before the movie blew me away too. What they did was so unique and inventive and they also threw in a nice message with it. Oh Pixar, how I love thee.

At DDA we have done animations too. Our animators have done 3D animations for several new products, a marching turkey, cross sections of a person swallowing, the DDA CMT seal, and of course our own freak suicidal superhero called Insideout Man. We can just do 3D modeling as well for stills. We also do 2D animations. These usually come in the form of Flash animation and we have done many of these as well. If animation isn’t your thing, we can always also just work with real video. We have great camera equipment and our own in-house video studio with a green screen that we can use to make any vision come true. Call us for a quote today.