Planting the Seeds

The compost we created at home is now starting to heap nicely. It is nearing 2-feet high in some spots. Saving the right food scraps has almost become second nature now. My parents coffee grounds are put in the bin to the left instead of thrown out to the right. After my mom cuts up vegetables for dinner, she can toss the remains directly into the bin instead of walking them over to the trash. It’s almost an unspoken goal to fill up the compost too. For example, my mom has found herself trying to make more vegetable sides to create more compost and I have been bringing my banana peels back from my work lunch just so I can throw them in.

Every day when I get home, I’ll take out our bin from inside and add it to the compost outside along with some leaves and hay that we collected earlier last month. It’s certainly not an overnight process, but I am excited to see how rich the soil will be when our first composted items turn back into earth. Hopefully there will be a nice looking pile of soil to use in May, when we expect to start planting the seeds for the vegetable garden.

DDA is planting its own seeds year-round that will hopefully grow into new projects. Each successful project we have is a seed in our clients brains that could turn into a new potential product when they need something new. It could be a flash animation, corporate video, catalog copywriting, or new product digital photography. Whatever the media piece may be, the client will then think of DDA for their need due to their past good experiences. Any one seed could even turn into a giant tree, so everyone has to be served in the best way possible. If we haven’t had a chance to plant a seed in your business yet, give us a try. You may just be one of the seeds that sprouts into an array of new projects for us.