I like to eat pop-tarts every morning at work after the bagels run out.  I keep thinking I’ll grow tired of them but I don’t.  I at least don’t grow tired of my favorite pop-tart, brown sugar cinnamon.  I try to branch out and eat other pop-tarts and every time I am reminded why I like to stick with brown sugar cinnamon.  This week the lousy pop-tart is raspberry.  The fruity ones just don’t taste that good to me and the only tasty part that I like from it is the crusty edges.  I would even prefer the non-frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts to these fruity messes.

Sometimes when you find something that works, it’s just the best idea to stick with that.  You know you’ll never be let down because it’s up to the standards you expect.  DDA’s clients know this.  We have numerous return clients who come back year after year and project after project to have us work for them because they know what to expect.  They expect professionalism, quality results, and superior products in all areas.  Most services that they can think of we can do.  So whether they started off needing web design or a corporate video, they can come back and get anything from one of the other numerous areas we work in.  We can also offer 3D animation, Flash animation, digital photography, custom programming, copywriting, search engine marketing, and much more.

So once you are satisfied with your first marketing or Internet project from DDA, you can most likely find that we can also do your next marketing or Internet project no matter what it is.  We do almost everything.