Post-Easter Eggs

Now that Easter is over, we have to find creative ways to eat all the leftover hard-boiled eggs without getting tired of them. Last night we still stayed with the eggs in plain form, but sliced them up to eat as we liked in a finger food kind of way. We’ve got plans of egg salad sandwiches coming up tonight. Those I haven’t had in a really long time, especially considering that I’ve only eaten them once ever. Then tomorrow night we will be having some super type of salad, the kind that takes away the healthiness factor of eating a salad. It will of course feature some more hard boiled egg chunks, but also some of the leftover Easter ham as well. Oh you gotta love it, the incredible edible egg!

The egg is certainly versatile and can be eaten scrambled, fried, hard boiled, soft boiled, raw (yuck), and is used in baking. Chickens are popping out one egg per day naturally so they don’t even take much effort to produce . DDA is versatile too. We can be used for  websites, videography, animation, digital photography, custom programming, copywriting, graphic design, SEM, and more. Thanks to today’s technology you can find us, call us, and work with us from anywhere in the world. Some software and a webcam allow you to even see us if you would like without much effort needed on your part.

So be it egg or DDA, you can create tons of different things using each.