Power of Tween

I am back to working in Flash and I’m going to use tweens in this latest project. I enjoy using tweens. A well-used tween can make a project look that much more refined and advanced.

My most recent application will be in a program where you will be picking from a line of small icons. As you roll over each icon, they will become a larger size. Without tweens, this can be achieved by just having the icon’s x and y scales instantly changed. This of course creates an instant size change and when viewing the swf, it is a noticeably harsh transition. Using a tween instead can make the transition a smooth and gradual growth up to its final large size.

Tweens also offer easy customization. Changing one number in the single line of tween code can change the length of time the tween takes to complete, or change the desired scale or position. Another field allows you to make the tween movement start gradually, end gradually, or even do something like add an elastic bounce at the end of the tween.

It really is a versatile function for Flash animation, and if you haven’t used it yet you should check out the Flash help or some tutorials and start using tweens in your own work.