Practice What We Preach

Yesterday I blogged about how you may need to update your website even though it may only be a few years old due to today’s advances. Well ironically enough, I have now heard that we will be updating one of our own websites. DDA Medical is the lucky recipient and frankly I do think that it needs it.

The glaring thing on DDA Medical that I always felt needed to be updated or changed was the main introduction video presentations that appeared on the main sections. I don’t really know when it was made, just that it was made before I came here. That makes it at least two years old. Technology and our capabilities have advanced so much since then, that the videos appear old. While the innovation and concept behind the videos still seems ahead of its time, in terms of the interactivity, the actual appearance is blurry, grainy and not the best quality. This had used green screen in its production too, but the process and technology was not as refined then as it is now, because the edges are not very crisp at all. The medical videos that DDA has done since, are as crisp as can be because the technology now makes it possible, not to mention the expertise of the trained professionals who make up our videography and video editing staff. Our new HD cameras allow the absolute sharpest video possible today. With our focus on adapting to and staying ahead of advancing medical technologies, we are always evolving, which by contrast makes some of our older work look outdated, even if the innovation of it isn’t.

I got a quick glimpse of the new design as I walked by a room later yesterday. It looks similar to a site we made to promote our services to the physicians referred to us by Medtronic. It’s a nice new color scheme and I’ll be happy to get away from the abundance of pink currently on the medical site.

I must say that I advised everyone to update their websites yesterday and right now this company itself is going to practice what it preaches.