A part of the upcoming YBML site launch, users will have the ability to win prizes for doing well. Originally the prize was just going to be T-shirts. T-shirts are cool and I personally live off of free T-shirts that I get at events. I would say that 80 percent of the T-shirts I own are from running a road race since they are a standard free gift when you pay to run. I think it is mostly used as a way to show off the names and logos of the race sponsors. They give a little money or some free samples and they get free advertising on the shirts of hundreds of people. I’d say it is a fair trade. So prize number one is a T-shirt, but what else can you get?

Well, just added to the YBML prize list is an addition that takes the list and the stakes to a whole new level.

Dun da da daaaa…….. iPods!

Yes, the modern marvel and product that put Apple back in business will now be available to win for free. YBML will be free for anyone to join and there are no hidden fees whatsoever. Don’t even worry about paying for shipping and handling. That will all be taken care of.

So if you weren’t excited before, get excited now and be ready to sign up for the chance to win your own iPod. Keep checking back to see when the secret of YBML is finally revealed on the site’s launch date so you will be one of the first to experience it yourself.