Procrastinating Shoppers

With Christmas coming this Thursday, it has brought out the last minute shoppers who continuously pushed backed their shopping trips by telling themselves they can do it next weekend. Except this past weekend that excuse didn’t work. The amount of people in stores during this shopping crunch is only comparable to the opening day of Christmas shopping, which everyone knows as Black Friday.

I fell into the procrastination category this year, but only to finish my shopping. I did get some gifts early and I’m sure many have done the same. Procrastination at work though is impossible to pull off if you plan on getting your projects done on time. There is always something to work on here. Flash animation, 3D modeling, database programming, website updates, and other assorted tasks could be on my plate at any time. Procrastinating in any area will just bite you in the butt down the road.

Maybe that’s why I left some shopping for the last weekend before Christmas. I just wanted to feel what it’s like to procrastinate again. Even so, I still can’t compare to the super procrastinators who will be doing all of their shopping the day before Christmas. Now that’s dedication to procrastination! …or just laziness.