Project on the Horizon

What’s this I hear?  There’s another social networking side project on the horizon for the near future?  Well this sounds like a job for the DDA staff.  With our last social networking site seemingly done and behind us, it seems that the prescription to fill that void is another social networking site. Today’s theme is the filthy rich.  I don’t actually personally know anyone who makes that much, but I know they exist.  There are the people like sports stars, famous Hollywood actors and actresses, and the people who are famous for being rich, who would all fall into the category for this site’s target audience.

This site idea was just brought up yesterday so the details really aren’t flushed out all that well yet.  But you can bet that since it is a DDA project, it will be chock full of special digital animation, advanced programming, top-notch graphic design, and maybe even some streaming video.  Like all of the websites that DDA creates, it’s either make it something innovative, useful, and creative, or don’t make it.  Just take a glance at our internet portfolio to see some examples of the innovation to websites that we have brought.

This blog posting should probably be considered a teaser because the fact that it was just brought up yesterday means that it will still be a while until people will actually be able to view and use the site.  We still need to give this idea its legs.  Luckily for everyone, you can bide your time by going onto our already finished social networking website called  If you haven’t tried it yet, well shame on you.