Proofign Requried

Thank goodness we have a full staff of writers! I finished building out pages of content for the DDA Corporate and Medical Training website, and now it needed to be proofed. With numerous pages and lots of content to read over for correctness, formatting, and proper linking, it is a relief knowing that our experts of the English language are there to make sure it is all as it should be. I myself would not know all the punctuation nuances and if commas are being used correctly, or when to use a semicolon. That’s why our degree-laden writing staff are here to make sure the grammatically-challenged code monkeys and human error in general don’t mess things up too badly.

While also checking every link can be monotonous as well, the writers’ eagle eye precision and thoroughness pick up every mistake. There is always a list that comes back to me with little grammatical and link fixes here and there to correct. While most are little, it is those fixes that set us ahead of the competition.