Protect Our Work

I got to work on a pretty javascript heavy project yesterday, which I don’t do often. I was custom programming a system that allows users to add sections of content to their “library” by clicking a button. When they have added all the desired sections to their library they can then revisit it at a later point in time and skip to all the relevant content that they marked in an easier way. This was all done using javascript cookies since there is no database or user login required by the site and they did not want one added. I believe this was my second trip into the world of javascript cookies. I may have understood it a little better this time, but this time also brought with it new challenges to work out that made it harder in itself. Both times I snagged the basic cookie code off a certain tutorial and modified to work how I need it. There are all sorts of great code snippets out there to use to save time. Amusingly enough, websites are a great resource for programming websites.

DDA’s websites aren’t as easy to hack into. We encrypt our flash programming so no one can steal the code. It’s usually unique in some way, so we want to keep our developments for ourselves. Our advanced programming code is generally database driven so it can’t be seen in its form before being parsed and displayed. Our videos also usually have our watermark on them so they can’t be stolen. The only way to get a DDA product is to work with DDA. Check out one of our many portfolios to get a sense of the kind of work we are protecting. Then, give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you. We’ll be sure to encrypt and protect your project as well.