QA Testing

Something that we started in high school programming classes that I enjoyed then and still enjoy now, is quality assurance testing of programs. 

It wasn’t so formal when we set out to do it.  My teacher would say, “Ok, now try to break it.” This was the signal to begin trying all sort of weird clicking, data entry, and sequences of action to try to get the program to break, fail, or not work correctly.  It was always fun when you could break someone else’s program (my favorite is making it crash in an infinite loop), but it stunk when someone was able to break yours.  The truth is though, that you will never know what a user will try to do with your program, but whatever it is you should be ready for it.

The DDA programming staff has years of experience in web programming and know that this is the truth.  Web programming with databases, forms, and administration systems is a large complicated system and needs all the testing and error checking possible.  DDA programmers know all the standard error prevention methods and implement them routinely.  There are also the errors that can be brought on by each unique system.  Our staff tries to fend them off with initial error traps, but then we always also have someone else with fresh eyes who doesn’t know how it all works, test the system and try to break it.  They almost always find something and that’s why it is an integral part of the programming process. 

At DDA, we won’t deliver a final product until it has been thoroughly tested and we are sure it will stand up the the harsh world of confused or malicious users.