Quiet Activity

It’s already been a dramatic new year for my family and more is to come. Hopefully things will be a lot calmer here at DDA and the quietest work building in the world can remain quiet in 2010. Quiet at DDA means that everyone has their faces plastered to their computer screens and are getting work done. There is no unnecessary blathering of people flashing their knowledge of all the latest industry keywords. Any talking in the video studio is straight up Q and A or instruction to make sure everyone is on the right page and doing things right the first time. Then it would be right back to the screen to continue working. Clients who visit are often surprised at how quiet it is, but they find out that there is a person in every office when they walk around. The main noise here is the soft clicking of a mouse and the typing on keyboards.

Things are different on video shoot days though. On shoot days the video studio comes alive with guests and actors ready to create the latest greatest medical and corporate videos. The studio then sounds alive with activity. After that wraps up our skilled videographers have to do a little movie magic in with video editing to get the video to look and sound great in any format. In fact, any area of media that you can think of is an area that we can help you in, no matter what you may try to throw at us. We are prepared for anything that may happen and are all skilled in our areas enough to handle everything from advanced programming applications to custom animation to graphic design to copywriting to search engine optimization to video editing to photography and more. We can handle it all from this one building. Quiet as it may be, it is a beehive of mental activity and production.