Quiet on the Set

In our old building, we were all crammed in the same room. Videographers, video editors, 3D animators, and Flash animators were all elbow to elbow. Filming went on in the same room that this crowd worked in. So during any video shoots, the room’s occupants had to become dead silent. I always felt like I was stepping on egg shells to not make any noise. All phones were turned off and unplugged, which didn’t help the work flow. There was no chewing, no loud typing, and no sneezing allowed. If you did get closed out of the room during the shoot for one reason or another, you would have a really hard time getting back in without receiving looks of frustration for ruining the last shot.

The new building brought more space and I was reminded yesterday of how much better it is now for video shoots. I am in a separate room and I can just close the door. I don’t have to watch my noise levels and I can still communicate with the phones. Everyone really has more space now. The writers even have their own floor!

Our departments really seem more like departments when they can be separated by more than a few feet. I’ve always wanted to see another Philadelphia advertising agency try to beat our comprehensive list of services, but now I’d like to also see if there is another that could compete with our new building. It really is a great leap forward for us, and combined with our going green initiative, we are ready for a long future of more business.