Quiz Me

Now that I have made several quizzes with Flash programming, I feel like I could be the fastest multiple choice quiz-maker on the East Coast.  This is all because I can keep reusing my code and just modify it slightly to fit each new situation.  I have quiz versions with video, with just plain text, with video answer, with text answers, with success certificates, and more.  I’ve done all types of quizzes.  This is one area of several that reusing code makes our production much quicker and in turn much cheaper for our clients.  Reusing code is much different than a website template.  Code works behind the scenes and will generally always use the same basic concepts to do similar tasks, while website design templates often give websites the same appearance with varying colors.  Efficiency is the purpose here.

As a new Coldfusion programmer for about a year now, I have frequently used my fellow programmers’ code snippets to use for my own projects.  The one I see most often is a form submission that emails to someone.  Whenever this type of project is passed my way, I always start with finding an existing form submission and copying and pasting that one’s code.  It saves the initial time of planning what to do and typing all of the basics.  There is still time needed to modify the existing code to match the current form and add any new functions, but for the most part it is a great time saver.