QVC Appearance

We have a client who is going to appear on QVC early this morning to showcase his products.  He makes candy jars, chip and salsa holders, and holders for dog treats.  Not only that, his products all play familiar songs when they are opened up or in use and the tunes are quite catchy if I may say so myself.  Sometimes I’ll just run a “test” so I can hear one of the tunes again.  My favorites are “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” and “Kiss On my List” but there are many others and all are relevant to their container’s theme.

My involvement on this project was to make the items play their corresponding song on the website when a visitor would rollover the image with their mouse pointer.  To do this I used the already made images from our graphic designer and used them in Flash.  This artwork was combined with a little bit of Flash programming and the effect is just perfect.  We also got to add some video demonstrations of the products in action because some of them have moving parts that are set in motion when the container is activated.  We filmed these in-house and now they are available to watch whenever someone wants; in case they miss the QVC spotlight this morning.  We used video editing to create an animated demonstration of one of the product’s features.  We are told that this little animation will be shown live on QVC during today’s segment too so that is exciting.

Whether you’re going to be on QVC or not, we do all sorts of projects.  All we need is a call and we can tell you what we do and how we can help your company today.