Rain and Shine

This past weekend when I went to the Montgomery Mall to get shoes, I was trapped by a sudden furious downpour. It seemed perfectly beautiful and hot on my trip up and fine in the store, but I could hear thunder coming from somewhere when I was almost done. When I went closer to the doors after finishing my purchase I was able to see the giant rainstorm in progress. I wasn’t about to go outside in this or drive, so I returned to the mall to just browse about and waste time until the storm passed. I wanted to check out the animals at the pet store, but I couldn’t find it and I think it might be gone now. I checked out some more shoes, clothes, games, and food before finally heading back to my exit. It was mostly clear now so I ventured off.

The trip home proved to be more difficult than the one to the mall because the downpour left a lot of flooding behind. My first route was slow and I went through several rushing water areas but when it got super slow and I saw what was ahead I decided to turn around. There was quite a nice little river now flowing over the road that people were slowly treading across and I wasn’t about to try it. I doubled back and found a new route. This one quickly brought me to another stand still of traffic and I had to assume that meant there was another flooded road ahead and I turned around again. My third route proved to be nice and clear and I was able to make it home.

You never know what random situations can occur every day and you have to be prepared to deal with them or have a backup plan. DDA has programmers who are ready to deal with those random situations that can occur with your website every day. If an issue does occur they will swiftly work to fix it and get everything back to running smoothly. In the case of our other types of projects like print design, 3D animation, corporate video, digital photography, etc., we have physical backups made at project completion. This way we can have backups on CD or DVD, on our computers or external hard drives, and many times also on the server. So if you have a copy that gets lost or damaged, we will have a backup for you to replace the one you’ve lost upon request. So come to DDA and you can make sure you have your website or project up and running for a long time come rain or shine.