Rainy Week

A solid rain soaked us yesterday and my little weather add-on for Firefox tells me that the rest of the work week will be the same. Rain, Rain, and more rain for today, Wednesday, and Thursday. I guess it’s good that the rainy weather coincides with the work week though because I’ll be inside sheltered from the rain and won’t need to mope about not being able to play outside. Next thing I know it will be Friday and the sun will be back out with some nice temperatures. As long as things don’t end up in a flooded mess, the weekend will be all nice and full of outdoor fun. I was going to head to some other friend’s pool this weekend, but after all this rain it might not be in the cards anymore. I’d assume that the pool will be a bit chilly after 4 straight days of showers. No problem though because there are always plenty of other possible opportunities and things to do. First things first though. We need to finish the work week.

DDA’s work week may be comprised of 4 days instead of 5, but we still work the full 40 hours just like everybody else. Four day work weeks can promote green behavior by saving on gasoline use in transport, heating and cooling costs, and other things. So while I am working on 3D animations, flash animation, advanced programming, and more, I know that I’ll be into the weekend before most other workers in the nation even if I have to eat dinner a bit later.