Re-Hash of the Titans

Yesterday I talked about how disappointed I was with the news of a remake being made for “The Karate Kid” and gave a few guidelines for when I think a remake is acceptable. Well last night while perusing the Internet Movie Database I saw a new trailer for “Clash of the Titans.” Now if anything needed to be remade, this was the movie to do it to. I remember my first time seeing this movie and I was actually very excited to see it. First of all, we were going to watch it in school so that’s awesome. It was like an end of the year reward or break for my high school Latin class. Secondly, the title just sounded cool. I mean titans are huge and monstrous and if they are clashing that just means we are going to see some awesome action and fighting between the beasts. So in my mind it was going to be an awesome movie and we would get a break from Latin. I was only half right.

These supposed titans were pathetic looking. I’m not positive how they were animated into this movie, but my guess would be stop motion animation. 3D animation techniques may not have even been around at this time or they were at least not advanced enough to use in a movie when it was made back in 1981. I wasn’t even born yet at this point and people were still sporting giant hair. Sounds like a horrible time to me. So anyway, I found the movie to be painful to watch and a giant bore at that. That meets one of my requirements for a remake. It also is a sci-fi/action movie that could benefit from today’s special effects technology like CGI, digital animation, and video editing. That meets my other requirement for a remake. So this is a prime candidate by my standards. Just imagining those crusty, oddly-moving monsters from the original movie makes me shudder. Now just because the remake will have great visuals still doesn’t mean it will be a good movie, but it will at least give it a better shot.

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