Red Thermometer

I saw a new little symbol today on my weather plug-in on my Firefox browser. It initially caught my attention because of it’s bright red color so I took a closer look at it. It is a picture of a red hot thermometer with red wavy heat lines coming off it. This little illustration is due to the forecast of 100 degrees Fahrenheit today. I guess I haven’t been at work during a 100+ degree day before or didn’t have this plug-in installed when it was. It was evident that it’s going to be a hot day today because the drive here in the morning was the hottest of the summer so far. I had to have the windows cracked to get some airflow going when usually I don’t need any cooling at all. I don’t see another 100 degree day in the near future luckily but I am still seeing a bunch of varying 90+ degree days to make it a full blown heat wave. So hot. I’d never make it in the summer if I lived closer to the equator.

Luckily here we have the wonderful invention of air conditioning. DDA workers are indoors 99 percent of the time so we can stay cool and forget about the deadly heat wafting around outside until we emerge into our cars again at 6 o’clock. Our minds can stay focused on the tasks at hand like advanced programming, video editing, copywriting, digital photography, 3D modeling and animation, custom web design, and much more. To all those workers who are outside during today’s heat I say stay hydrated, stay in the shade, and keep cool. It’s going to be a long shortened week for them. Hopefully next week’s forecast will be a little more forgiving, though I’d bet that there are more super hot red thermometer days in the near future.