Releasing this Week

It dawned on me this weekend that the 21st is this coming Friday. The 21st of August is of course the release date for Tarantino’s new movie Inglorious Basterds! This one has long been in progress as the video scripwriting for it has been underway since the end of Kill Bill Volume 2. Apparently a case of writer’s block on how to end the story was holding Quentin back. It held him back so much so that he ended up making another movie before this one as part of the Grindhouse double feature (a wonderful theater experience in itself). Many years and much impatient waiting later, I will soon get to see a Tarantino-style war epic.

As with any new movie people are arguing on the IMDB community message boards saying anything from, “this movie is garbage” to “this movie is his best ever.” I can’t wait to make up my own mind, but I can’t help but assume I’ll love it. I was exposed to Tarantino a bit later than the rest of the world. While I was in college, I was treated to a free screening of Kill Bill Volume 1 and it instantly became my favorite movie ever by hitting on many of my favorite things and even throwing in a short animation. This was shortly followed by a joyous rental spree of all of his works. Then that was next followed by a purchasing spree of all the movies. Since then, any advertising I see for a new Tarantino movie sends me into fits of excitement and this movie is no different. I plan to be at my local theater on my first day off this weekend to see it, and well, while I’m there I think I’ll take in a District 9 viewing as well, seeing how highly it is rating so far.

To pass the next few days until release I think it is only fitting to have a Tarantino movie viewing every night while I sit with my Hanzo sword, wearing my skinny tie, in my room with Kill Bill movie posters on the wall. The only real question is which 4 movies do I watch?