Today, I’ve relocated to some new digs. In my old spot I was next to the whole building’s phone and Internet systems with wires and sounds galore. The constant and various buzzing and beeping noises had begun to really wear on me and I kept dreading going back to that room. The noise may not sound that bad if you just stop by, but sit with it for 10 hours a day and you’ll understand.

Frequent headaches were becoming the norm and the only way I could drown out the annoying noise was with louder noise in my headphones. I could never have silence. Plus, I felt like the beast of equipment was radiating on me all the time and it was just a worry on my mind. So I asked for a new spot and am now in a nice quiet room. You’ll find me next to the lunchroom and across from the bathrooms. I even got a new fancy shmancy folder organizer to use instead of my usual pile so my spot looks nicer too. So far so good.

Now that my big move is over, it’s back to work in the digital world.  I can go on doing my usual 3D animation, flash animation, custom programming, and whatever else in peace and quiet. I can only imagine I’ll be able to be more focused and keep a clearer mind without the noise or the louder noise to drown out the noise always in my head. So onward into the work day I shall go with mouse and keyboard in hand to conquer the digital world… or at least my task list.