If you haven’t heard yet, they are remaking “The Karate Kid.” It’s a classic and frankly I hate when they remake classics. It can’t have the same charm as the original and just won’t be the same. Remaking movies only makes sense if the original was bad or if it could have been made a lot better by using today’s technologies. That generally means action or sci-fi movies that need to be really special effects heavy. “The Karate Kid” is none of these things and should be left untouched. Even with a lot of the special effects of past decade where they have used CGI, I haven’t liked the end result. I found CGI and computer animation in movies for a while to look bad and less real than the old puppet methods used. When I watch the new Star Wars movies now with all of those CGI characters I just think they look bad. They were great for their time as far as advances in realism go, but they still stand out as fake. Sorry Jar-jar. More recent movies have showcased even further advances in realism and I agree with James Cameron when he says that CGI has finally advanced far enough to make it look real. When I hear that though, I think that just opens up the doors for new movies that weren’t possible before and new ideas to explore and develop. It doesn’t make me think that they should start redoing all the old classics. It’s just going to tarnish the movies’ good names.

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