My vacation time is over and I am back at work. The time off was relaxing and refreshing, but time off can get old too. The time spent doing “nothing” can get boring after you are unwound. Coming back to work fills in that void and offers the challenges to overcome and keep me occupied. I did eventually miss getting to animate in Flash and program in ColdFusion and Actionscript.

My dad is another example of this. He was injured not too long ago and was not allowed to drive for several weeks for safety reasons. This long span of time that he was not allowed to work was at first relaxing, but then he went somewhat stir crazy. He was dying to go back to work. So much so that he eventually arranged for someone to drive him to work instead of staying home for the last week that he was not allowed to drive. I thought this was crazy and thought he should have just relaxed during his injury, but he had to work.

I do understand it a little now. I think people need a purpose and a drive in life. Some live for achievements, family, achieving a goal, or experiencing new things. Sitting around like a lump on a bed or chair somewhere is nice now and again, but it’s nothing to live for.