Research, Investigate, Compare

As is my way, I’ve been researching my future purchases for weeks and weeks before actually buying anything. I probably have another week of further investigation for the best products and the lowest prices before I will be completely set on what and where I will buy these items. This specific research period is all for breaking into the cycling world. I’m interested in trying triathlons and therefore I need a bike. The things I didn’t know about triathlons are the things that are making this an extra long process.

Picking the bike was the first big hurdle and I eventually got that decided. The interesting thing is that road racing bikes don’t come with pedals. So I had to research types of pedals, materials, and prices for those. Those pedals in turn need special shoes to lock together. This started another research flurry in which I learned the European shoe size conversion table. Then I needed a helmet, as required by law, so I searched for information on those.

I think I am close to coming to a decision on all of these accessories. There is plenty of other stuff to buy, like spare tire tubes, air pumps, maybe gloves, sunglasses, and I could go on and on, but I think I’ll hold off on those things for now. I’ve got plenty on my plate as it is and it will be the bare minimums that I need to get in gear. I’ll worry about other items as I get close to being race ready or as needs arise. By the end of next month I will most likely have everything purchased. Buying things is more satisfying when I torture myself with the wait and anticipation for some reason. Impulse purchases don’t do that and you can sometimes end up with purchase regret.

Choosing a website vendor should work the same way for you. You should do your research before deciding on anything. Don’t sign a contract on a whim or just pick the first vendor you find on Google. Research a lot and look at a lot of companies before you make that final choice. Don’t just choose by price either, choose by value. Look at their past projects to get a feel for their work because that is most likely what you’ll be getting. Even visit their buildings if you can to check out their facilities and equipment. DDA welcomes all visitors to take a tour and displays past works in numerous ways on our website. Give us a call to schedule a tour and you can see our staff working on advanced programming, videography, graphic design, and more right before your eyes.