Resized Uploads

A client just came with a request at the end of last week. We previously made them a form that allows their users to upload their own images. Apparently the images that are being uploaded are just too big. The users that are sending them are not resizing them at all before they send them. This has left our client with images that are desktop wallpaper sized, and looking at an image that may be 1024 by 768 pixels is no easy task inside of an email application. We also don’t want to have our client have to save and resize the images every time there is a large one.

The solution will be to add image resizing in Coldfusion. This will allow us to set a maximum height and width that the image will have to fit within. It will have to do this while still maintaining the same aspect ratio so that the picture will not be distorted in any way. I have done this before using the image.cfc class and learned to do it when I was using uploaded images as avatar heads, and have also used it recently on the new YBML project.

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