Retention by Reputation

A website that I am planning to buy things off of went down completely last night while I was looking at it. All I was left with was a long error of some sort in large black text on a white page. It wasn’t page specific either. It was happening throughout the entire website. This immediately had me questioning the site entirely. Was this site secure or reliable? Was somebody, possibly successfully, trying to hack it? Can I trust my information being entered into it to be safe?

To my relief about 10 minutes later the issue must have been resolved because everything was back to normal and my fears were calmed. The fact that it was back up that quickly meant someone somewhere was monitoring it and was on top of the problem when it happened. That’s a relieving thought. I then saw that they have the VeriSign secure stamp, which means that they have an SSL certificate and my information is safe. Whew, another relief. I also reminded myself about all the positive feedback and reviews about this site in general that led me here in the first place. Obviously it is an online store with a great reputation. My fears were gone and I carried on.

There is something to be said about building up a good reputation and having a long list of satisfied customers. Even in the face of little problems it can keep new and old customers on board. DDA has a list of testimonials extracted from real emails with clients to show potential clients how others have been happy with our work. The feedback is about everything from 3D animations, to custom web designs, to corporate videos, and more. That’s because we do all that and more. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you today.