Return Customers

DDA prides itself on satisfying its customers and that is why we keep getting return visits from many clients. We have numerous long time clients that come back to us time and time again for their website needs. Tinius Olsen recently wanted a new custom web design to freshen up their site and we are currently under way with that. Galil Medical is another company who is a frequent client along with many others.

Why do our clients keep returning to us? Is it our award winning search engine marketing department? Is it our dedication to making everything in-house and choosing to not outsource for cheap labor in foreign countries? Is it our vast array of services that they can find all in one place? Is it our green and environmentally friendly business practices? Is it our ability to make every website, flash animation, corporate video, programmed website application, and more custom to each client’s business and needs? I’m sure it is a little bit of all of those things plus many more, but you can’t deny that working with us must have been an overall positive and beneficial experience for these clients or there is no way they would keep coming back to us.