Reuse and Finish Faster

My latest project will soon be done. Some little things remain and some back-end things remain that may need the assistance of Amy, who happens to be enjoying some time off. For the most part though, the big functions of the things the user will see are done. There is one simple flash animation to do, some unforeseen layering flaws that need to be resolved, some missing content that needs to be added, and a little bit of programming left to increase ease of use. Oh and let me not forget the whole profile page. That is “functional” but it outputs everything twice for some reason and has no design to it and is pretty much just a text list.

Even though there is enough left to do to stress me out for a try at a Monday launch, I am really impressed at what all got done in such little time. I mean it’s a mini YouTube for goodness sakes! I never would have guessed 5 years ago that I’d be involved in making something like this. Now this would not have been possible to do in such short time had we not done another video uploading site a few months ago for All the programming and experimentation were done then and the lessons learned did not need to be learned again now. So this time when a video upload site came around, all the back-end programming for uploading and converting a video to an flv file of the appropriate size and saving a thumbnail image was already made and we just had to copy the files over. Talk about a time saver!

Any time we can save time is a time when our clients will save money. Reusing code is a standard practice as long as you have it to reuse in the first place. With all of our admin programming, website programming, database programming, and more that we have made and used over the years, we can save tons of time when developing new projects and future projects. All that experience and all that old code means all that much more potentially-saved money for the client. The funny thing is that we don’t like to do anything the easy way or the exact same way it was done before, so nothing will be too easy. We believe in custom work and not having the product look like it’s been done before. Otherwise, how will your website separate you from the pack? Still though, code can be reused and just modified if need be and will still save tons of time in the long run. Log-in code for example will always be needed and always be basically running the same way. So we generally always use the same log-in scripts. We save time and you save money. Everyone is happy.