I am finally taking a step away from YBML for a little so that I can help with the new DDA portfolio. This one will be created in Flash, but this time it will not have a carousel. It will, though, be using plenty of nice new tidbits that Actionscript 3 can provide. A new tween class for animations and some XML loading menus that Laurence set up are some of the features.

Now I have not worked with Actionscript 3 too much (I think I’ve done two AS3 projects) so again I will need to refocus my brain away from Actionscript 2. Sometimes I wonder if AS2 will become extinct. I did grow to like it because of its new approach to coding, but I suppose it is limited in its ability to expand Flash’s capabilities like Papervision3D for example. Oh well, there is bound to be a bunch more AS2 projects left on the horizon and there will still be plenty of AS2 memories to live off of.