Rich People Pool

I got to visit a friend’s absurd house this past weekend to swim in their crazy pool setup. Both parents are doctors so the property is pretty amazing and the pool followed suit. Now while my pool was cold this pool was very warm because it was heated. This is achieved by having an attached hot tub above it that can be set to waterfall into the pool. So with this happening before we got there, it was plenty warm with no shock value when we arrived.

The whole pool and hot tub setup is also controlled by remote control. There’s one in the house and one in the pool house. It can set the heat, control the jets, control the lights (the pool light was changing colors and made the pool look awesome), turn on the waterfall for the hot tub, and do other assorted pool things. It’s just another demonstration of what technology can do, even if in this case it will probably only be for the super rich. Let’s not forget the inflatable movie screen and outdoor projector with surround sound that lets them watch movies from the pool. The pool house was nice of course with changing rooms and bathrooms. Of course, we found out that their pool house drink coasters were $10 per coaster. That’s absurd! It’s sickening how rich they must be.

DDA could maybe make you a virtual super rich people’s pool if you want using 3D animation. We do that and more like advanced programming, videography, and graphic design. Check out one of our many portfolios to see examples of our past works and see what we are capable of. Give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you.