Ride the Tsunami

A new method that is going to be used for the Meet DDA videos is what can be called a tsunami effect. Though I’m not a Mac user, I do remember first seeing this effect used on a Mac. You’ll know it as the thing that happens when you roll over the icons at the bottom of the screen. The icon right under your mouse will be much larger than the others and the icons surrounding it get gradually smaller to either side of it. It’s a cool little effect.

It is now going to be implemented for the DDA staff’s thumbnail pictures using Flash and Actionscript. Roll over the staff member you like to hear more about. Their picture will get bigger and then upon clicking, you will get to hear their own personal introduction and a little something else about themselves.

DDA is always up on new technology and advances, and when we can use some other cool effect or method in our own way, we will… with a new twist of course.