Search Engine Comparison

I’ve been trying to use Bing since it came out just because it’s new and because I feel bad for Microsoft. I heard it had some cool new features, which it definitely does, but when it came to search results I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Bing itself is always sporting a giant new colorful picture everyday on it’s homepage with hidden links to searches you might do to find out more about the place or thing in the image. That’s cool and much more interesting than the plain Google page. Point for Bing.

Bing’s image search is more customizable with the results page since it allows you to choose various thumbnail sizes for the images which in turn can show more results in a smaller space. The ease of refining your search is noticeable and you can even just look for images with people’s faces in them. Searching for similar images is another cool new feature if you are going for a certain look, but the first image you found just wasn’t right. Point for Bing.

Bing’s video search is also superior to Google’s. It again features many options and an abundance of ease for refining your search for online video. With a simple rollover of your mouse you can also get a live preview of the video complete with sounds. They do stick in some video editing with the preview clip though, so if it’s really long, then you will get to see about a minute’s worth of clips from the beginning, middle, and end. Point for Bing.

A possible new favorite feature for everyone might be Bing’s shopping search. While it again has the easy search refining choices on the left, it also is sporting an amazing cash-back program. Next to each search result is a percent that represents how much Bing cash-back money you will get if you buy this product. So once you set up your account you can just accumulate money with your purchases. Don’t worry, you get paid the actual money and not some stupid fake money like Bing dollars where it ends up translating to 1 dollar for every 10,000 Bing dollars. If you have a dollar in your account, you get a dollar. Awesome. Point for Bing.

In plain searching Bing has a cool feature where hovering over the right hand side of a result will give you more details as to what is on the page. Sadly though, I have had many experiences where I was not satisfied with the search results that came up and would go back to Google. It might be something that I know exists, but it ends up giving me links to the .net, .us, .org, or .whatever else versions of a page, but somehow the .com one I wanted to find did not show up. Sometimes I think it is biased towards certain sites as if they paid to rule the results list. I do sometimes think that the other searches (video, image, shopping) are biased as well. I don’t really know what kind of shady search engine optimization you need to do to get to the top of Bing, but I feel like some legitimate sites are being left behind. Big point for Google

Overall Bing made some awesome strides in design, functionality, and just cash rewards that are worth looking into and using, but I still find their search engine to be lacking in it’s main purpose. If we could only combine Bing’s new design and interface with Google’s method for ranking pages and getting search results, then we would have a really great search engine that would top everything we have on the internet right now.