Seasonal Chill

The big cool down that has arrived with fall is leaving me chilled. I know it’s not even really that cold yet when you compare these temperatures to what we may be seeing in a short month’s time. But even so, I have been decked out in my thermal gear and shivering whenever I get a taste of the temperatures in the 50′s and 60′s. I guess it’s just that I haven’t been able to acclimate fully to it yet. The reverse will happen somewhat when we come out into Spring again for the thawing out return of heat. The temperatures may again be in the 60′s, but it will feel so warm in comparison to the freezing winter temperatures that we had been stuck in so 60 degree weather will feel nice and warm. I’d probably ditch my coat at that point and start running around in t-shirts again. It might help that I will have probably added a layer of fat over the holiday eating season to keep me a little more insulated, where as in the summer I’ll be extra skinny from all the nice outdoor workouts and super sweating sessions. The weather right now almost makes me want to move south where it is warmer year-round, but only almost. That’s because I know it will also get deathly hot during the year at some point in these locations. I also do like the changing of the seasons. Each season has it’s own looks, sights, and smells that bring back different memories. Plus, what would Christmas be if it was still over 80 degrees outside.

The changing of the seasons at work mostly changes the car rides. Will I be driving in the dark on my way in and out or will I still be basked in sunlight on my trips? Will I need to be blasting my heat or air conditioning on the way in? Will there be snow and ice to worry about or slick rainy leaves? Will school be in again and clog the streets? There are many variances throughout the year, but in the building that can all be forgotten. Here we can focus on our 3D animation, video editing, custom programming, graphic design, digital photography, copywriting, and other projects traffic free, in the light, and with temperatures in the 70′s. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.