Service and Security

My dad came home yesterday with a new water pump for the pool cover. I’m not sure why, but for some reason with this pool the rain water just collects on top and stretches the whole cover in. He was frustrated with his Home Depot pump buying experience when he came home. This was due to the registers malfunctioning and causing him to use the self checkout instead, which he has never ventured to try before. After completing his sale, he went to get the receipt but it didn’t come out. He was then told by a Home Depot employee that it would be a while before he would get a receipt. Since my dad had already been trying to buy the pump for a half hour, he did not want to wait any longer and came home to finally eat dinner. With all the rain, we needed a pump pretty badly, so you can imagine his anger when he pulled the pump out to set it up and it was missing some parts. Luckily he had his work truck home and had the missing nuts and bolts. Then he lost it when the pump flat out didn’t even work. Now he was stuck with a faulty pump and no receipt. To add to the conundrum, today it has of course been raining hardcore outside since the moment I got up. I looked towards the pool as I left and the cover looked very strained. I don’t know how much longer it can hold out, but it’s becoming a little scary. I’m starting to fear that something will start shooting out if something gives way and I’m near it. I don’t think my dad will be shopping at Home Depot again after his experience with that visit, so I hope Lowes has room for one more.

At DDA, our staff is ready to handle all problems in a courteous and helpful manner and our equipment is ready for any contingency. We don’t use an answering machine during business hours so you can be sure that you will always be connected directly to a live person. Many times if you need to, you will be connected directly to the person working on your specific project. We can even have face-to-face meetings no matter where in the world you are since we have a webcam set up in our conference room. Our equipment is ready for problems because we know that problems can occur and computers don’t last forever. We all come equipped with external backup hard-drives in the case of an emergency. Also we keep copies of all finished project files in our archives on CD or DVD. So not only does it serve as another backup, it is also there for us to use and modify if you need any changes made to your product at any point in the future. You may need to make a change to a Flash animation or a revision to a 3D animation or even need a change to a corporate video. All of these would need the original files to pull off successfully and that’s why you need us to stay organized and keep everything saved and backed up. So, get the service you deserve with your projects and give us a call.